The blog is back!

I used to regularly write a blog for my website, exploring many different aspects of yoga. More recently all my creative energy has been channeled into my classes, workshops and retreats instead (and probably just getting through life!).

In 2019 the blog is back! I am aiming to write a monthly post, exploring yoga postures and anatomy, yoga philosophy, mindfulness meditation, and really anything that helps to promote well-being and happiness!

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, suggestions are always welcome 🙂

Please come back soon!


xx Helen xx

Hatha Paddleboards

A huge thanks to Dan Sulsh, founder of Devon-based Hatha Paddleboards, for sponsoring me again this year.

“Hatha Paddle Boards strive to use the latest technologies, their commitment on improving board design makes them true innovation leaders. [Dan’s] vision was not just to make high quality paddle boards but he also wanted them to be affordable for everyone to enjoy.”

There are some very exciting developments and new boards coming really soon (literally days away!!), so if you’re interested in getting a board or any other SUP equipment, please check out their website…